Overview Of The Game

Gen-0002 BOARD FINAL.png

Object of the Game: Reach the last space on the Board by answering questions correctly while executing the best strategy to derail your opponents.

Number of Players: Two or more: the game may be played as individuals or as teams.

Age Level: Perfect for ages 12 and beyond

Game Board: The game board has a spiral path moving toward the inside of the Board. There are red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple spaces along the path which designate the category of question asked when a player lands on that space. 

Generational Divide and Characteristics:  For purposes of this game we have divided the four generations as follows - Traditionalists born 1925-1945, Baby Boomers born 1946 – 1964, Generation X born 1965 -1979, and Generation Y born 1980 - 2000.

•  Traditionalists: This generation, with parents who survived the stock market crash, Great Depression and World War II, grew up during some hard times. Their values include dedication and sacrifice during a time when conformity and obedience to central authority was key to National survival. Their values and traits also include a respect for law and order, loyalty, patriotism, civic-mindedness, and reliance on tried, true, and tested ways. Past precedents guide their decisions.

•  Baby Boomers: After WW II, many couples started families. Their children grew up as part of “the American Dream” in an optimistic world with an expanding economy. Most were part of a nuclear family (father worked and mother was a homemaker) and were the focal part of family life. Teamwork and sharing was natural (large population, crowded schools) and they viewed the world as something to be shaped and changed. Hard work pays off and they are willing to go the extra mile to gain their desired lifestyle.

 Generation X: This generation is self-reliant; nearly half were children of divorce and “latchkey” kids. They seek a sense of family and tend to form tight-knit groups at work and socialize on the job and after hours. They have commitment reluctance and skepticism after watching their parents break up, give up so much for work only to have their jobs downsized and witnessing many authority figures fall off their pedestals. They do not trust authority or give loyalty easily and have the mindset of a free agent. They seek a work/leisure balance in life and understand job security is staying on “the cutting edge.” 

•  Generation Y: Family lives are centered on the activities of these children who are accustomed to planned, structured activities with time restraints and rules, making them the busiest kids in history. Being part of a nontraditional family is a nonissue, a two-wage earner family is normal and single parents, common. Patriotism is a strong value (9/11/2001 is the defining moment for them); they served in the military and have been welcomed as heroes. Multiculturalism and diversity are natural to them and they are both dependent and streetwise. Facility in information technology makes them would-be experts on everything. They have both high expectations and high self-esteem.

Game Includes:

Game Pieces: A large die with numbers 1-6
Six decks of question cards
Six icons to advance your position on the game board 200 question cards for each of the following categories:
Working World and Social Customs (red)
Geography and History (orange) 
Arts and Literature (yellow)
Science and Technology (green)
Sports and Entertainment (blue)
Generations (purple)