What has Hasbro Been Up to?


I was delighted to read about Hasbro’ big move to capitalize on the current popularity of board games.  The company is launching its “first-ever subscription service” for a collection of new board games to be sent directly to consumers every three months.  The crate includes “adult-only” and “family-friendly” varieties.

The decision follows a strong year of board games sales for Hasbro with family strategy games up 56 percent this year. The largest increase in sales came from games that target adults, although children’s games rose as well. 

It was difficult recommending a playing age level for Generations The Game. We ended up with twelve and above although I have seen a precocious eight-year old getting an answer right that even the teens and adults missed.  

Although Generations The Game is family-friendly, I have witnessed some rowdy adults having a great time answering questions and conversing about topics that they have never shared with other generations. It is a “generational” education for all! Remember, it is a game best played with teams so no player needs to feel alone and intergenerational teams usually win. 

Back to Hasbro. I understand their stock has done very well this year and did rise after this announcement. We wish them well when their subscription plans that start in the Fall and hope someday Generations The Game will be one of their new releases!