Let’s Talk About Generation Z

Generation Z Picture

Gen Z, our youngest generation was born in the 2000’s although some sources have the generation beginning in the late 1990’s. There are many names for them including, the Digital Natives, Post-Millennials, i-Generation, Plurals, and Homeland Generation.

Generations The Game was originally designed for the four previous generations, however, we have some Gen Z questions in the game and are adding more as we expand our decks of cards. 

When my first games came out last summer, the first place I shared it was with the Pennsylvania School for Global Entrepreneurship at Lehigh University, a program for juniors and seniors in high school. What a great experience it was for me: 76 teenagers and what a sharp, engaged group! We played by rows and the conversation and answers strengthened both my faith in the game and more importantly, the generation playing it.

A few words about this generation: they are the first generation born in the post-internet world. They are 70 million strong, larger than either the Baby Boomers or the Millennials. They are the most diverse generation: 55% are non-Hispanic Caucasians, 24% Hispanic, 14% African American, 4% Asian, and 4% multi-racial or other.  Gen Z kids are growing up in a highly sophisticated media and computer environment and will be more Internet savvy and expert than any other generation.

Their characteristics include being: financially conservative, entrepreneurial, pragmatic, and willing to give back to their communities. They have fewer teen pregnancies, lower alcohol and drug use, and lower drop-out rates from high school.

Once we get these young people off their devices, you will find they are full of ideas, global aspirations and will be a positive influence on our society.