Board Game Renaissance

Board Game Renaissance Picture

Happily, at Generations The Game, we have watched the trend of the returning popularity of Board games. On a recent Lester Holt’s show on NBCTV, Peter Alexander reported “sales of classic board games from Operations to Monopoly are booming as the industry has a resurgence of sales.”  Perhaps the best reason for this is basically humans are social and in this age of advancing technology, we need a balance. We need to bring our families and friends together to reconnect and a good board game is a simple and easy way to have fun.

Some of you may remember John Naisbitt’s 1982 bestseller Megatrends and his 1999 book, High Touch, High Tech: Technology and Our Search for Meaning.”  He talked about technology becoming more dominant and complex and the need for people to have more personal connection. He theorized that in a world of technology, people long for personal, human contact.  Now in 2017, our lifestyles are even more dependent on technology and a new wave of balanced change is taking place.

The timing of Generations The Game is optimum.  The mission of the board game is “to bring people together to share information and perspectives as well as having fun learning more about our amazing world.”  Trivia is popular with every generation and there are a lot of trivia-based games, but the twist with Generations The Game is the questions come from eleven categories and are geared evenly for the four major generations today.  The format fosters interaction and conversation. Feedback from players of all generations has been phenomenal and we enthusiastically welcome this “Golden Age of Board Games.”