Strategies and Variations in Playing Generations The Game


The first thing I learned in human relations is “people are individual and different”. One size does not usually fit all. In this game there are different ways to play: you may play as single players, or you may play as a team. If playing as a team, it is advantageous to select players of different generations and areas of knowledge expertise for your team. This way you can cover more bases.

You can win by answering the first question on the card you draw correctly and then turning the play to the next team or, if you answered it correctly, you may roll again and attempt to answer a more difficult “challenge” question. If your team answers the challenge question correctly you can move ahead the number of spaces on the die. If you miss it, however, you will have to move back the same number on the die. It is like the theory of “the Tortoise and the Hare”, steady or risky.

Another variation is a “lightning version” allowing people to keep taking turns until they miss a question rather than turning the play over to next player after each turn.

Some play with a timer; others prefer the conversation that comes from the topics. Talk among your team; one idea might lead to the correct answer; you’re in it together.

I did write a disclaimer in the rules to address a controversy: “If people can prove their answer is right, OK, but it is only a game!”

Change the rules if you like; for example, let the next team answer a question the team misses and assume the turn. Remember the main idea is to learn and have fun. If frustrated, call for a rematch.