Welcome Generation Z!

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Generation Z - those born roughly in the late 1990’s through the present. 
AKA: Digital Natives, i-generation (internet), m-generation (multi-tasking), homeland generation (in U.S.A.), cloud natives, centennials.

They are: 

  • 1st gen. born in post-internet world 
  • 70 million – larger than Baby Boomers or Millennials 
  • Most diverse population 
  • Financially conservative, entrepreneurial, pragmatic 
  • Fewer teen pregnancies, lower drug and alcohol use, lower drop-out rate from high school (Goldman Sachs Research) 

What to Expect

They are hooked to their smartphones, the tv or their laptops many hours a week. (They know how to block most ads and are not always easy to reach.) But once free of their devices, have you really talked to them? They are full of ideas. They have global aspirations and want to change the world for better!   

Each generation has its strengths, but I have great hopes for this one and how they will impact our fast-changing world.  
Marna Hayden