Slang Through The Generations

I remember talking with my teenage kids about my college days and I used the word “stoned”. The look on their faces: I knew we weren’t thinking the same thing. 

Slang has always divided young and old, the cool kids and the squares. Language is repurposed for the hip and trendy, a rite of passage and in some cases to speak in code. Using certain slang can geographically define where you grew up and what part of town you spent a vast majority of your time and youth.

The terms may be new, but the sentiment is the same. Take a common word or phrase and change the definition. Kids have been doing this since time in memoriam.
The spoken language is complex, fascinating and beautiful. The English language is filled with double-entendres. Many comedians use this method to convey a lewd meaning without the use of the blatant overture. 

We compiled a list of some current slang so you can keep up with the ever-changing dialogue of the generation of now.

Just think of all the computer terms we use on a daily basis: mouse, cloud, drive, acrobat, chrome, text, swipe, takeaway, viral, twitter, tweet, and bandwidth and of course, google. These words would seem meaningless ten years ago. Language changes quickly; you may want to keep up.

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